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What insurance cover do I need?

Firstly, it is obligatory for all our guests to have their own personal insurance. We have public liability insurance but this does not cover personal injuries incurred while biking with us. If you are European you will be familiar the EHIC card (formerly known as an E111 card). This card works in any European hospital but it will not cover rescue from the mountain. It simply allows for ease of administration for staff in the hospitals. Please make sure that your card has not expired before your holiday with us. 

If you injure yourself during the trip we will financially reimbursing a part for the following lessons or days.o

Damages on your bike and gear are on your responsibility.

Cancellation Conditions

After booking an unexpected can happen... One week up to 72 hours in advance the benefit will be refunded. 48h in advance 50% of the benefit will be refunded/ paid.
24 hours in advance or less the benefit will be refunded/ paid 

Weather can be a reason for cancellation only if conditions become dangerous (heavy rain, strong wind, snowfall)

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