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Bike VS Classics

Tours for intermediate to very advanced level !

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Les deux versants

Enduro freeride program; good descents, a little pedal kick and a negative elevations starting by the Crans-Montana side with a flow trail followed by a bus ride to Chandolin. Sweet rooty single trail direction of Sierre

D+ more or less 200m

D- more or less 2'100m

Transports : Bus - Funiculair - lil' pedal

Physical = 3/5

Technical = 4/5 guiding
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Les gros singles guiding

Enduro with always a lot of descent for little pedalling. Departure from Crans-Montana for a committed single but flowy direction the mythical bisse of the Claveau and the emblematic vine terraces of Sion.
1h bus further Thyon 2000m for a single worthy that will lead us back to the valley with a lot of speed and a smile on the lips guaranteed!
For the motivated the bus will take us to Nax for a last descent by the end of the path of the mythical Brazilian!
For the relentless with more juice in the machine; we go back to Vercorin and the ... it’s a surprise!

D+ more or less 350m

D- more or less 3'700m jusqu'à 4'600m

Transports : Bus - Gondola - lil pedal kick

Physicyal = 3/5

Technical = 3/5

Lake & Rock's

Enduro engaged for good biker with bike caring and steep alpine passages! Possibles departure from Crans-Montana with big single or Sierre for a bus journey then chairlift ride towards the val d'anniviers.  Ilhsee lake will be waiting for us after a little effort and a rock garden. Bike caring on the back for a moment here we go again going down to the valley by singles more varied one than the others! Back to Sierre by the woods, finally a little rest for the arms;) Breathtaking view of endless downhills!

D+ more or less 800m

D- more or less 3'400m

Transports : Bus - Chairlift

Physical =  4/5

Technical = 5/5 guiding

Salut Zamè guiding

Big AM with a VIEW

Oh yea we gonna ride the "haut Valais" direction Jezinen for a little pedalling and a nice but narrow rolling single. The day continues with pedalling for the motivated or by train for the most feasting. Don’t panic the next singles will be appreciated thanks to the cable car that will take us to the heights of Eicholl. Once you’ve had enough of these beautiful trails back to Gampel by a single of course !

D+ more or less 400m

D- more or less 2'900m

Transports: Gondola - (Train)

Physical  =   4/5

Technical =  4/5

The tops of Crans-Montana and these beautiful switchs backs direct us on the Bisse de Lens to the Bois de Finges by the various bisses by the wine side of the valley!
Singles trails, root and Sun!
Lots of pedaling a little pushing, road in the countryside, a great suspension bridge and return with the funicular!
Get your botle of water ready!

D+ 1'100m

D-  2'200m

Km 45km

Transports : Funicular

Physical   =  5/5

Technical =  4/5 guiding

Every trail can be modulated on demand !

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