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“Enduro mountain biking is freedom,” says my guide, Julien Paganelli, grinning at the perilously thin trails weaving down steep grassy slopes above sheer cliffs of grey gneiss. “Are we going BASE jumping?” I ask nervously. By the end of the day we’ll have ridden 32km and climbed 794m of vertical ascent but hammered down an adrenalin-pumping 2,510m of vertical descent.


Upwards you’re welcomed with deep, rocky forests with large meadows whilst lower down it’s dustier and looser with a terrain that I associate with more southern climates. The ability to ride both terrains in a day is easy and enjoyable, with descents lasting as long as 20K and some having over 1500m of drop, something we can only dream of here in the UK!


Our guide Julien Paganelli rocks up and we’re off on a route that goes up ...

....A guide is highly recommended to make the most of the signposted trails, as well as some well-guarded local secrets. provides group and individual guiding.


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..."I was lucky enough to ride out on a E-bike tour with Julien Paganelli who is passionate about the mountains and has been working with bikes for more than a decade"....



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