Wallis is one of the biggest areas in the world for riding your bike; well you can call it Disneyland !

From Martigny to Brig through our different valleys and mountain passes there are thousands of enduro / all mountain treasure trails.

The difference between here and other biking spots is not only the wine and the cheese, Valais trails are boundless, the trails are connected by gondolas, buses, shuttles or just by the power of your legs !


We propose to guide you or just drop you where we plan to go.

Available also in E-Bike.

Day trips and week trips are also good moments to enjoy around a good plate of cheese and local meat, and a beer as well. We organise restaurants, picnics, happy hours after riding because biking with us is also a way of living !

The idea is to discuss about your level, your expectations and the duration of your vacation.